Brand Development

Need to develop a house brand? Maklo can have product on your shelves within 6 months. No matter where you are in the product lifecyle, Maklo can come in and provide you with a fresh perspective and a road map for success.


Are you in the development stage?  Is the product just coming to market?  These are critical times for any company.  This is the heavy investment stage and success is not guaranteed.  Important decisions at all levels are now being made.  Pricing, distribution, promotion are all critical success factors as you plot your best way to the market.  Maklo can help you identify challenges, minimize risks and cut through the clutter to reach your target audience.

Product Life Cycle Graph

Once the market has accepted the product, the company moves into the exciting growth phase.  The critical success factors mentioned in the introduction along with a host of new challenges can make you feel overwhelmed.  The most important thing to remember about growth is that it must be planned.  Let Maklo help you with your growth plans.


Have you reached your maximum potential or is there still a fiscally responsible path to higher sales?  This tends to be the most profitable time for any product.  Do you expand your Brand or introduce a new offering?  The choice is not always clear.  Diluting a successful brand can have disasterous results that leave you picking up the pieces.  Let us help you navigate these difficult decisions. 


Is the market starting to shrink?  Are profits starting to decline?  It may be early to head for the exits.  Let Maklo take a look at your market and suggest how you can extend or expand a valuable part of your business.